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Dogs with Anxiety

Anxiety and Stress in Dogs

Does your Dog suffer from Stress or Anxiety


Did you know, Your pup is looking to you for guidance? It’s True. 

Though we may think a dog’s life is full of fun, love and butt scratches, Dogs experience many of the same emotions humans do. One of the most common is Anxiety and Stress. Dogs exult their emotions in different ways, when a dog is stressed they will look nervous or scared or they will be overreacting to a situation. The difference is that dogs look to their owner to help ease them and calm them down. It is up to us to manage these emotions in a healthy way. By doing so you are adding to their quality of life.

It’s very well known that physicians and veterinarians alike, prescribe various medications for stress and anxiety. I think we can all agree that offering your dog a holistic medicine should be the place to start. We are now seeing vets recognizing the benefits of a few holistic medications that have shown amazing results. CBD, Kratom and Turmeric have shown benefits for physiological and physical benefits all while not getting your dog doped up. We are seeing more and more studies backing up these natural substances not only for humans but for pets as well.

Anxiety in Dogs


Dogs show their anxiety/stress in many ways. While some dogs it may be entirely apparent other dogs may be better at hiding it. Either way, They are affected by it. First look out for displacement behaviors. This is described and exhibiting normal behavior outside of what would be normal context. These are things like scratching when not itchy, shaking their body when they are completely dry, licking their lips or yawning imminently or even when their eyes have a different shape to them. Some dogs will show anxiety in a more aggressive or prominent way. These excessive behaviors can include things like non stop barking or whining, pacing through the house or trying to bite and claw their way through a door.


Some of the common reasons dogs experience Anxiety or Stress


Dogs can experience stress from a multitude of different situations. They could be afraid of something that affected them at an earlier point in life, maybe they were not loved like they are loved now with you. Many dogs experience traumatic events that they keep with them, just as humans do. The more common examples would be loud noises, many dogs cannot stand the 4th of july with the fireworks exploding all weekend long. Many dog owners recognize this and get medication from their vet for those few days.  Other dogs experience things like separation anxiety or show stress when there is a house full of people or they are having a hard time adjusting to a new change in their life.

Normans Nibbles to Treat Anxiety

Normans Nibbles is a proprietary blend of natural minerals and vitamins but we use a natural supplement out of the South Pacific. Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom has been used for millennia to treat physical ailments and help with stress and anxiety. Kratom is a tree that is part of the rubiaceae family. A cousin to Coffee. However, Kratom does not contain any caffeine. Kratom is made up of 27 alkaloids that have been known to help with many things.


After witnessing the success that this supplement has on people we started studying the idea of making a dog treat. Our dogs were getting old and the doctors wanted to put one of them on human opiates to deal with hip pain. Granted, it helped with the pain but the dog was different. We started working on a proprietary blend that would offer some relief but would also add some energy by giving a vitamin fulfilled treat. We noticed the benefits nearly instantly. The mobility was immediately affected and the dog was moving around like he was 4 years younger. After a few days we saw a huge improvement on the quality of life. We saw the most improvement with Anxiety though. Tepae ( the dog ) was calm and confident and was dealing with every situation with a level head. It was an absolute miracle.

That was a few years ago, we have since mastered the blend and have witnessed the benefits of hundreds of dogs. That’s how Normans Nibbles came to be.

Give your dog his spunk back.

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