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Taking your Dog on the Road

Road Trip with your Roll Dog

Tips for taking Your Dog on the Road.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a long road trip or a short drive down the street. All dogs cope with travel a bit differently. Some experience anxiousness or nervousness, Some get car sick and others have the ride of their life. We are going to discuss some tips for longer distance traveling with your pet. Road Trip with a Roll Dog.


Now if your pet is anything like mine, they get anxious right when we pull the suitcase out of the closet. It may be because they are excited or they may be feeling panic not knowing if they are going with you. We feel no need to keep them guessing, as we begin to pack for our trip we pull out their dog food and leashes and set them by the front door. This seems to help quite a bit and gets rid of the guessing for the dogs.

NOTE: One thing we will not be discussing is how to secure your dog in the vehicle. Though we do recommend it there are many options. Some people like to kenal their dogs, some like to use a safety belt and some let their dog roam around the vehicle. You need to decide what is best for you and your family.

Let’s get to some of the tips.


Be Prepared

You need to be prepared for all occasions with your pet. The obvious things are food, water, collar and leash but dogs act a bit differently on a trip away from home.

  • Bring extra food – you do not want to be without. It is best to pack dry dog food in 2 different airtight bins. Like they say don’t put your eggs in one basket. If your dog eats wet food again bring extra but pack these in a place where they will not get loose while driving.
  • Bring water with you – Again, You never want to be without but also on road trips its best to keep your dogs intake balanced. If you are giving them water from hotels and pit stops, you are introducing different things to them as you travel. This may give them an upset stomach.
  • Dog Bed and Blankets – Always bring your dogs bed. This makes them comfortable and gives them a sense of home. It’s also good to bring a blanket that smells like home or yourself. There are times when your dog may have to stay in the car for a few minutes or at a hotel while you go to dinner. The blanket and bed will ease their mind.
  • Dog Medications – Your dog may have a daily regime of medications and/or vitamins and others may just have medications when they travel. Make sure to pack this with you but also pack some extra just in case you stay away from home a bit longer than expected. Things happen.
  • Treats, Toys and Chews – Yes they are excited anytime you show up at a new destination, however, there will be times when you need to keep your dog occupied. Dog chews are great for the road. They keep your dog busy and keep their mind off of traveling. Obviously you will want toys to play with at your destinations but also to get their energy out. Whether you’re playing fetch at a park or tug a war in a hotel, they need to stay active especially when they are cooped up in a vehicle for a few hours a day. And, of course, you want treats to reward them for being such a good companion on the road. You will also want to bring your Normans Nibbles treats for anxiety. (discussed below)
  • Brush and Grooming items – Who knows what the dog will get into while traveling, we take them to a lake to go swimming and end up finding a mud pit, you may go on a hike and they get plants grass and dirt in their fur. Either way, you will need to keep them clean and groomed. It;s best to be ready for it.


Travel Anxiety Tips for Dogs

  • Practice with Small Trips – It’s not a good idea to take a dog on a long road trip for their first time out. You will want your dog to get used to traveling. Take them down the street to the store, or around the corner to the park. Work your way up to long trips. Always put the animal in the same location within the vehicle. This helps them find a commonality with travelling with you.
  • Take Consistent Pit Stops – Every couple of hours take a stop and let the dog get out of the car for a few minutes. Let them move their legs, go to the restroom and drink some water. This will keep them comfortable in the car. If we are honest, we all get a bit restless if we are in the car too long.
  • Keep them Tuckered Out – Most dogs are very active creatures. They love getting out and running around or playing with their toys. This doesn’t change when on the road. However, If you get their energy out before jumping in the car they will be tired and relax while traveling but also it will help psychologically as well. By exercising they will release endorphins that will also help them with stress in the car.
  • Normans Nibbles Treats – Normans Nibbles is specially made to help dogs relax in the vehicle and keep them calm. We have talked with hundreds of dog owners that say Normans Nibbles have changed their dogs mood while traveling. We use a proprietary blend of natural products, vitamins and supplements that promote a good mood and calm behavior. Many owners use Normans Nibbles treats on many occasions when a dog would experience stress and anxiety.
  • Give Love – Let them know they are loved. Do your best to realize they are in a new element and are looking for you for direction and how to behave. Reward them for acting properly. They want to impress you. They want to be a “ Good boy”
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